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With time, online TV has replaced the traditional one to become available on your mobile phone. ThopTV APK is such a kind of mobile application that has the largest lineup of most popular channels. It facilitates the viewers to watch their favorite TV shows and Dramas on their Smart devices like mobile phones and laptops.

It offers a broader series of Indian channels. Which may include all sports networks, Movies, Drama, local NEWS, and International channels. Providing the live streaming of more than 3000 channels through application to their consumers without any extra charges.



Major features of online tv may include;

  1. The lineup of more than 3000 local+ International channels.
  2. Live streaming of these channels without any interruption.
  3. Easy to download and use, even for ordinary mobile users.
  4. Supports the streaming of Amazon, Netflix, Firestick, and much more.
  5. Music listening is convenient from more than 4000 radio stations.
  6. No extra charges, available free for download.
  7. Download your favorite shows and Dramas for later watch.
  8. Create a playlist of your favorite channels by yourself.

 Technical properties


ThopTV Apk




14.47 MB



Operating System

Android 4.4+



How to download and install?

It is not commonly available on Google Play or Windows App store. You have to download ThopTV Apk directly from the browsers for use. There is no issue of security. Follow the given steps to download.

  1. First of all, put the keyword off an application for download in the browser. And its latest version is available on all browsing sites.
  2. Secondly, click on the download option to get its latest version. And after the completion of the download process. You can open it.
  3. Thirdly, you have to install the application on your mobile. The installation is not too easy. It requires the special permission of your device.
  4. Open the settings of your android device. Allow the download from a third-party source. It will allow the safe download of ThopTV Apk.

Download ThopTv Apk

ThopTV for Android

We have explained that the application is not in access of users. from the play store or Windows apps. You have to download it from a different browser as an Apk file.

On the application, you can browse all the international and local channels for live streaming. It has provided the best alternative to Netflix, Amazon, and Fire TV in the form of a platform where you can watch your favorite TV reality shows. You can watch your favorite movies on HBO, and Movieflix.

For live streaming of sports events, like premier leagues of India, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, you can put special IP in the search bar. It will automatically redirect you on live coverage of the whole match.

Either you are on an outdoor visit or in a working place. You can enjoy the broadcasting of all the TV networks on your mobile phone. For this, you have not to pay any extraordinary fee. Simply download the application and it requires only a flawless internet connection to support the streaming on your device.

Important FAQ of Application

While downloading the app, some questions may hit the walls of your brain. Here we are disclosing some of our review based question as follows;

What makes it more popular?

Since it is available free for download. And it contains a lineup of almost more than 3000 channels with your single click. It is more efficient than any cable TV service that contains only a few channels. It is available freely for download and there is no extra fee. You should have a reliable internet connection.

Why download an Online TV application?

With the advancements of Smartphones, almost all things have moved towards technology. You can perform all your tasks by using an appropriate application. Taking care of viewers, different software houses launched online TV applications. Where you can enjoy your entertainment shows.

Is the application ask for any registration?

If you are annoyed with registration or signing up. Then, there is no need to worry! Because the application does not require your account details or password for sign up. Simply open the app of online TV and enjoy the streaming!

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