Oreo Tv Apk V1.9.1 | Oreo Tv Download For Android

Mostly with the passing of time, internet television has supplanted conventional television and is now accessible on the smartphone. Oreo TV APK is a smartphone site that provides a wide selection of common channels. It allows people to view their favorite Television and programs on their smartphones and desktop computers.

This application is most popular among the online smart TV platforms for both mobile and web users. One such fantastic application is only accessible to devices and is compatible with a variety of platforms.  It allows users to enjoy high-quality stuff for free. There are several websites and television shows to choose from. This online TV application is a free platform. That really allows users to stream movies and TV shows while on live streaming (or) upload videos remotely to either smartphones or devices.



  1. Free movies and TV shows without any subscription.
  2. Content is available in manage form and easily accessible.
  3. All have properly sect ionized like; section of a sports channel, a section of TV shows, a section of movies, and a section of latest videos.
  4. A favorite list is available; where you can watch your favorite videos any time.
  5. Video player features are available like; HD-full, ultra quality, 2k, 4k, and many more.
  6. Multiple features like; dark mode, PIP mode options are available.
  7. The homepage provides simple features like a refresh button and a power button for on/off purposes.

Technical features


License            Free

Size                 10.9MB

Language         English

Operating System    Android

Category           Apps

How to download and install?

The application isn’t widely available on The App Store or the Windows Store. To use this Online TV app, you must first install it from your search engine. There really is no security threat. To get the app for Android, follow the steps below.

  1. Bring the search term of an app for installation in the search engine first. And the most recent version will be available on all web browsers.
  2. Next, choose the update option to obtain the most recent edition. But after the downloading phase is completed. You have the chance to access it.
  3. Finally, you must download and update the program on your mobile device. It is not an easy task to set up. It necessitates specific approval from your devices.
  4. Go to your Android device’s settings and allow downloads from third-party sources. It will allow you to download the Apk safely.

Download Oreo Tv Apk


How to download Oreo TV Apk for Android TV

We clarified in the previous section that users cannot access the application via the Play Store or Windows Apps. You must install it as an Apk file from a separate browser.

You will browse all of the foreign and local channels for live streaming on the smartphone. It has created a forum where you can stream your favorite TV reality shows as an alternative to Netflix, Amazon, and Fire TV. On HBO and Movieflix, you can watch your favorite films.

The application is a unique Online TV application all across the world. This feature is not yet available for download on Google Play. Then go to the browsers and Download the link to get this famous entertainment app. On the following page, you can download Oreo TV v1.9.1 Download Link for Mobile and Tab smartphones.

Latest features of the Oreo TV apk for android 

There some steps of download as given below;

  1. First-of-all, you must allow anonymous sources in configuration -> protection ->. After that, we’ll be installed the software on devices running Android 4.2 or higher.
  2. Then in the second step, after completing the download process for Oreo TV App on the download page, click on the install button. It could take some moments for the installation to complete.
  3. In the final step, when the installation is finished, just go to the application list and access the Smart TVapp to watch popular and recent streams/ series.

Important facts

The application of online TV is freely available on all the app stores and platform, which make it more popular among the audience from all over the world.

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