Mobdro Apk Free Download for Android [v2.2.8]

Mobdro Apk is one of the best free streaming apps for Android. If you are searching for a freemium streaming app to stream the latest movies, tv shows, news, and series, then mod dro apk (modbro apk) is for you. It’s one of the well-known names in the free streaming app available for Android. Today, we will share the Mobdro Apk free Download link and other features.

With this free Video Streaming app for Android (Mobdro download), you can enjoy the latest and popular movies to stream for free. Yes, you can watch the news, songs, movies, series, podcasts, etc., from the different categories, with the mobdro Android.

Mobdro Apk for Android

Mobdro Apk free download is one of the worry-free premium streaming apps. You can stream the latest movies, tv shows, and other content using this App. Similarly, with this App, you can get an easy user interface that makes the streaming better.

Additionally, now the Mobdro Apk Android has been optimized with new features that are light in size. Also, the support of multiple devices makes it flexible to access the App from the SmartTVs.

Likewise, now the new Android Mob has been packed with the latest features. It supports subtitles, a data saver, and HD Video streaming. Overall, this new Mobdro app for Android is one of the best Apps to stream online freely.

Mobdro Apk Android Highlights

mobdro apk free download for android
App NameMobdro
App Size20.78MB
App Versionv2.2.8
DeviceAndroid (Also works on others)
Developed byLy Tran
App LanguageEnglish and Others
Min. Android VersionAndroid 4.4+
LicenseFree (Freemium)

Mobdro for Android Features

Mobdro Android has included several premium features. These amazing apps allow us to explore several categories to watch our favourites. Also, it has the data saver mode and other features. Check out some features of mobdro for android phones.

mobdro for android phone
  • Access the latest movies, shows, and series from different regions.
  • Features unlimited free streams to access content for free to stream online everywhere.
  • Auto selection of the best video quality, no need to set the manual streaming quality.
  • An optimized app that lets to save the maximum data while streaming, best for limited plan and cellular data users to stream the contents.
  • Users can create a list of their favourite shows, movies, and series easil with the mobdro apk free download.
  • Bookmark the Videos to get easy access for next time streaming,
  • Users can sort the Videos and shows according to genre, interest, language, and genre-based.
  • Unlimited content for unlimited access for free.
  • Features the offline Download to watch anywhere, anytime, without an internet connection.
  • Mobdro for Android works on multiple languages and topics.

Mobdro Apk Android Categories

You can find the different categories on this App for the right content. Yes, here you can find the numerous categories as per your need. You can get the right content from these categories as per your need.

News: Android Mob features the latest news videos and news channels to stream. It offers the top news tv channel like CNN and FOX News.

Sports: For Sports and Game Lovers, you can select the Sports categories. Under these categories, you can find the channel number to watch the live Store, like from Sky Sports.

Movies: Watch all of your favourite movies from different genres. You can watch the latest and featured movies for free after getting the Mobdro Apk Download for Android.

Podcast: For the listener, there are Podcast categories. From the Podcast category, you can list the number of audio stories, documentaries, and audio channels.

TV Series: The family man and woman can serve this category on Mobdro Apk free Download to watch the latest and trending tv series. You can watch the tv series for free.

Music: For music lovers too, this Mobdro for Android app has included a list of tv channels that broadcast the latest Music Videos.

Mobdro Apk Free Download (Mobdro Apk Download 2022 & 2023)

You can download the Mobdro Apk Android for free. Mobdro App for Android is a freemium video streaming app for your device. It’s one of the best and most free streaming apps that let users get the latest movies, tv shows, and streams from any device. Like Netflix, and Amazon Prime, it’s one of the freemium options to enjoy the latest shows and movies for entertainment.

Here’s the Mobdro App for Android Free Download link,

Download Mobdro for Android

How to Install Mobdro on Android?

So, after getting the Mobdro Apk Free Download, you need to Install it on your phone. As with other normal apps, you must install it to use it. But to Install the App besides the Play Store, it’s somehow a un favour task for many users.

Don’t worry. Here we will show you how to Install the modro App for Android. Here’s how to Install the App for streaming,

  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • App Access on your phone from the App Manage/ Manage App/ Application Management. Here we aim to find the Install unknown apps section to turn it on.
  • Install an unknown app and tap on it to turn it on.
  • Downloads the folder on your phone. 
  • Mobdro Apk files there; tap on it to Install.
  • Mobdro App for Android. It’s one of the simple ways to Install and enjoy the App.


In this article, we have mentioned all about the Mobdro Apk free Download. This Mobdo App for Android is one of the best freemium Apps to explore and stream online.

Besides the Mobdro apk download 2022, we have also mentioned the Android mob features, and it’s a method to Install on your phone. We hope you may find this App useful to make your day and spend time enjoying it.

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